Cape Town Postal Code, Find Official Area Code For Cape Town

Our guide today will show you the Cape Town Postal code in South Africa.

The guide will also show you the postal code for the city center and the history of postal codes in SA.

Postal codes were introduced in South Africa on October 8, 1973, when automated sorting was adopted.

The postal code consists of four digits and varies in different places.

Cape Town Postal Code

Cape Town has many different postal codes for every suburban area.

The city has 178 suburbs, and each has its own postal code.

You should google the specific name area in Cape Town to get the exact postal code.

This is the Cape Town postal code in South Africa.

What Is The Cape Town City Square Postal Code

The city center is the central part of cape town and has a distinct postal code for street address and PO Box address different from the other suburbs.

The postal code for the city center is 8001 for street addresses and 8000 for Box Code.

The postal code for Street addresses ranges from 7100 to 8160, while the PO Box addresses range from 7437 to 8161.

This is the Cape Town city center Postal code in South Africa.

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What Is The History

Postal code development reflects the increasing complexity of postal delivery as the population increased and the cities became more complex.

Postal codes were first called postal district or zone numbers in big cities worldwide.

London was the first to introduce postal codes and was subdivided into ten districts; four to cover Liverpool was created in 1864, and Manchester was split into eight sections.

Postal codes were introduced to the US by the late 1920s and were called zip codes.

The European settlers introduced Postal codes in South Africa in the 1970s.

This is all you need to know about Cape Town postal codes in south Africa.

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