Cape Town Temperature: Find Out How Hot or Cold It Is

Here are the answers you need for those searching about the Cape Town temperature in South Africa.

The guide will also show you the monthly temperatures and the city’s water temperatures.

If you want to travel to Cape Town, you need to be aware of the place’s temperature so you can organize what activities to do in the city.

Cape Town Temperature

Here Is How Hot Or Cold Cape Town Is In South Africa

Cape Town Temperature

During summer, temperatures are not excessively high because of the influence of the ocean though sometimes a hot and dry wind (Berg) raises the temperature to around 95°F.

A strong southern breeze called Cape Doctor often blows in summer, cooling and cleaning the air.

A layer of clouds often forms above the top of Table Mountain, which the city’s inhabitants call conversationally.

Winters are mild though there can be some cold and windy days.

On the coldest nights’ temperatures can drop to around freezing point.

At other times the warm wind from the northern mountains can blow in this season, raising the temperatures to 86°F.

This is the Cape Town temperature in South Africa.

Temperatures By Months

The table below shows the varying Cape Town temperatures in all months:

January  Warm  72 61.8 82.3
February  Warm  72 61.6 83.1
March Warm  70 58.8 80.6
April Warm  65 53.6 76.5
May  Very Mild 61 50.1 71.1
June Mild  56 46.1 66.4
July Mild  55 44.9 65.7
August Mild  56  45.8 66.4
September Very Mild 59 48.6 68.9
October Very Mild 63 52.3 74
November Warm  66 56 76.4
December  Warm  70 59.8 80.1

This is the Cape Town temperature by month in South Africa.

Cape Town Water Temperature

Cape town is located near the ocean and reports on the wide-area average surface temperature of that water.

The time of the year with warmer waters lasts from December 25 to March 9, with an average temperature above 65°F.

The month with the warmest water is February, where the average temperature is 66°F.

The time of the year with cooler water lasts from June 6 to October 27, with an average temperature below 60°F.

The month with the coolest water is august, with temperatures of 59°F.

This is all the information about Cape Town’s temperature in South Africa.

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